Richard Cordova

Your Catalyst for Change

As a transformational speaker, I can offer insight into the power of choice, and how those choices become a catalyst for change. Through self-less acts, and concern for others, we can tap into and produce unlimited personal power. This power helps guide us onto the path that we were meant to be on.

“For those of you facing something that’s making you angry, my challenge to you: find the lesson in the situation. I can assure that it will not be easy and you may have to force yourself to find it. When you have, you can acknowledge those sad or angry thoughts and remind yourself of the positive change you have chosen to take...”
-- Quote from Richard’s Positive Indeed Blog on TheBody.Com (2010)

“I've come to look at physical challenges as my way of sticking it to the man, as they say, and 'the man' being HIV. It's important that I prove to myself that even though I live with this virus every day that I must continue to stay positive and that having HIV doesn't stop me from living my best life.”
-- Quoted in Windy City Times (2010)

“I have found that in living a life where I am open about my disease, I come across countless others living with HIV/AIDS who live with fear of rejection, self-loathing, and in self-imposed isolation. My call to action for all of my positive brothers and sisters is that you find the courage to free yourself from these chains. Find the courage to accept your disease—warts and all.”
-- Quoted in Positively Aware (2011) 

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